Martin Sumichrast on Texans Jadeveon

Raised by a single mother, Josenna Clowney, who worked double shifts at a local Frito-Lay factory, Jadeveon Clowney has an easy smile and enjoys pulling pranks on Texans teammates. That includes sticking pencils in the seat of middle linebacker Brian Cushing in the linebacker meeting room, retaliation, he says, for Cushing hiding his belongings.

Nicknamed everything from JD, an abbreviation of his name, to Doo-Doo after an old rap song his mother liked, to simply being called by his last name, Clowney grew up in rough circumstances. His mother worked tirelessly to put food on the table, shoes on his feet and clothes on his back, nurturing her son while he became a legendary high school player who excelled as an unusually tall tailback while doubling as an uncommonly dominant pass rusher.

Sumichrast likes to tell friends he has four kids in Charlotte, and that his fifth child lives in Houston. He characterizes Clowney as an old-school Southern gentleman.

“I don’t make a nickel off of anything I do for him. I’m just scared to death about athletes getting take advantage of. I’m the gatekeeper. I’m the guy who says, ‘No.’ I’ve told him, ‘JD, I want you to be the smartest guy in the locker room when it comes to business.’ I think JD has the potential to be a hell of a businessman. JD has got that it factor when he walks into a room. He has that $100 million smile.”

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