Marty Sumichrast | Top 7 Predictions for 2012

Dear Readers:

Here are my top 7 predictions for 2012:

1) Housing has bottomed and will stage a mild recovery, setting the stage for a gradual improvement for 2013-2015. Expect housing starts to tick above the 800,000 mark by year-end.
2) Interest rates will be higher by the end of 2012. The 30 year at under 3.00% is artificial and will be 20%+ higher.
3) Mitt Romney will win the Presidential election. The Democrats will retain the Senate and the Republicans will retain the House.
4) The US stock market will have another very volatile year, but the S&P will end up at above 1,300.
5) Facebook IPO will be the stock story of the year. It will preform very well.
6) The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl and LSU will win the BCS.
7) There will be a major scientific discovery in medicine that will capture headlines.

Happy New Year to All My Friends and Readers.